When I dream I see a world where everyone contributes, not for work done per hour(money), but instead for sheer enjoyment for what you are working on/with. And instead of limiting  ourselves and our species, by forming a society that presets an education path, we teach how to allow information to pass through the mind like water only taking what we currently need for the task at hand.

Is this perhaps our natural path? It’s clearly the most peaceful.

But then most would say, “how could we live without money, it’s the base for everything in society. It’s what gives us power to lord.”

A thought process for you simpletons: If a person theoretically has the knowledge to create a way to usurp all power in a given space, without the use of a single unit of money. Is that person then not the most powerful person in that given space.

Where money seperates power and peace, knowledge unites them.

I dream of a world without ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, because ‘wrong’ is a side effect of someone having to do that ‘wrong’ to survive or out of lack for supply of a need. Thus most of what’s viewed as ‘wrong’ in society today and it’s consequences should be known about, but thanks to peace and power (knowledge) we’ve no need to revert to animalistic behavior.

But instead when I open my eyes I see a world on the brink of destruction, where the old rich, greedy fucks are the ones who are putting our children and grandchildren’s futures into the path of destruction with their ‘Old (Rich) Ways’.

And the strongest tool they can buy to succeed in consuming the world beyond repair, is the common people. For the common person wants to succeed in a world where success determines wealth. So they go to school; follow the rules; bury there noses in studies, and before they know it they are looking for a job in sales. Therefore cementing all common persons minds in a ‘work’ to ‘succeed’ lifestyle.

But common, like nature, is malleable. So I urge the simple, ‘naturally’ peaceful folk, like myself, to rise up against those who would see this world perish. But the simple reader might say that they are powerless.

The answer to that problem is: powerless is an illusion created by the lives our species evolved to live, for your greatest wealth and most powerful weapon has ever only been your mind.

Another thought through a simpleton’s eyes: If all people in the world of the middle and low classes of society, join life savings and created a self-sustaining, peaceful community, without the need for a trade system, would those left with money still be able to enslave the common person. Perhaps if they used force they could, but I doubt that path would be taken, instead they’d most likely live out the rest of their lives enjoying their extravagant material riches.

These are only my thoughts  but then again I’m only an 18 year old ‘snotgat’.

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